The Journey
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The Journey

A journey to obtain optimum wellness

A supported approach to health & wellness

Zenkai is a Japanese word meaning – complete recovery of health.
Recovery is a journey. A journey towards health.

Zenkai’s principal practitioner, Dr Danielle Slade, embarks on that journey with each patient, committed support, guidance and motivation during the therapy process

Dr Dan will develop an individual well-structured treatment protocol to assist the journey to wellness.
Along the path options are presented, empowering patient to customise their health journey, choices are made to fit their level of comfort, needs and expectations.

Structure and process provide clear signposts to measure progress and empower each patient to take control of their health. Dr Dan provides exceptional treatments, guidance and support throughout the journey.

The journey achieves results


    Phone Zenkai and DrDan team will provide information on Zenkai treatments. Supportive information and fee structure will be forwarded to you via email. If Zenkai feels like the right fit for you, call through to secure a consultation with Dr Dan.


    For potential patients seeking more information, or looking for an open discussion, Dr Dan encourages an over the phone pre-consult session - no commitment to the wellness journey is requested.


    Once an initial consultation is booked you will receive a Welcome to Wellness email, which introduces you to the initial stage of your wellness journey.
    In this email advice is provided on what to wear, what to bring and how payment can be handled.


    A health submission is required prior to the first meeting.
This background record provides key information to create the treatment plan - including references to current medication.
The submission takes 45mins to prepare and is to be emailed 24 hours before initial consultation. 

Pre-assessments not submitted prior to the consult, result in a basic acupuncture and kinesiology consultation as Dr Dan will not be informed to provide a wellness plan.


    Prior to the initial consultation, Dr Dan reviews your health overview form and develops a proposed treatment plan, ensuring efficient use of both your and Dr Dan’s time during face to face sessions. While you will have the opportunity to address and elaborate on key health concerns during the session, you will also receive a very targeted consultation from the supporting background information provided.


    Following your initial consultation Zenkai will contact you to check on your status. Feedback is openly invited, Dr Dan values open communication and attentive support.


    After initial consultation follow up appointments are of 1 hour duration.
    Consultations include; treatment (acupuncture etc) program tracking, adjustments to current treatment protocol (if required) and information and explanation of any changes if required.
    On follow up appointments time is also allocated to rest and reflect both of which are integral to maximise treatment outcome. Dr Dan encourages any health concerns and queries.


    Dr Dan promotes a healthy lifestyle for maximum wellness. This can be sometimes be challenging. Zenkai and Dr Dan offer ongoing support, advice, and treatment reviews. Progress is tracked and reviewed.
    Progress is tracked and reviewed during consultations, at the end of the treatment plan the results are presented and discussed, along with supporting considerations and tips for long term wellness.

Address signs and symptoms

Addressing the cause / driver of the symptoms

Implement wellness programs