The Approach
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The Approach

A supported approach to complete recovery of wellness

A journey together

The approach Zenkai take to the health journey is life changing and it comes with it’s fair share of challenges.
Challenges that propel the change to introduce a new life approach, to achieve wellness.
Change that can only be achieved through commitment.

Dr Danielle Slade (registered Acupuncturist) commits to a supported journey to health with each of her patients, seeking early on to forge a connection, in order to build a relationship of reciprocated trust and respect.

A journey well prepared

No assumptions are made in the journey towards health.
Over the 16 years of practice experience, Dr Dan has developed an essential set of procedural tools to comprehensively ascertain knowledge of the situation.

Patients are required to deliver some ‘homework’ prior to the first consultation, to ensure Dr Dan can build a knowledge profile and comprehensively prepare for the session, thus maximising the in session time with each patient.

A journey well planned

The journey is mapped out. It is planned.
Along the way Dr Dan discusses considerations and options for next steps.

The power is respectfully placed in the hands of the patient to make the decision that works for them.

A journey towards health

Zenkai deliver wellness in a reported, trackable and supported journey.

ASK YOURSELF: What are your health goals and how would you like to achieve them?


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