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How many treatment will I need? How often do I have to come?

Treatment plans are tailored to each individual patient and are entirely dependent on the measure of wellness that needs to be achieved.
With reference to the pre-assessment form, Dr Dan maps out the wellness journey prior to the initial consultation.
It is uncommon for treatment to be adequately delivered in less than 4 treatments.
Pre-conception patients are advised to attend Zenkai twice per month follicular stimulation and ovulation points in the cycle.

How long will my appointment take?

Initial consultation is a one hour session dedicated to discussing responses and results from the pre-assessment questionnaire. The results are derived from a comprehensive Traditional Chinese Medicine analysis, in addition to discussion of patients goals, the wellness journey plan is defined. The consult also includes application of required Traditional Chinese Medicine, kinesiology and herbal prescription.

Follow on consultations are an hour in length and consist of therapies discussed under the wellness plan, these may included a combination of acupuncture, kinesiology and herbal consultation / dispensing. To assist in effectiveness patients are left to rest after acupuncture is applied.

Dr Dan prides herself on adhering her appointment schedule, practicing on time, all the time, is a mark of respect for the value of her patients time.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Although needles are the key instrument of acupuncture, the needles used are very different from the mostly commonly recognised hypodermic needle. Where hypodermic needles are large enough to consist of a tube for injecting / extracting fluid, acupuncture needles have a sole purpose of surface layer insertion, they have no hole and as such are intricately fine. Each needle is only used once, and is packaged in a small guide tube which acts to protect and guide the needle into place. Needles are administered by a gentle tap/flick which implants them into the surface epidermal layer of the skin. At Zenkai, Dr Dan only uses the highest quality, fine stainless steel needles, which have an optimally smooth surface to deliver minimal sensation during needling.

The sensation of acupuncture can only be described as subtle – if at all. It is common for a dull numbness, tingling or tightness to be experienced which is referred to as “de qi” in Chinese. Dr Dan has mastered a very gentle needling technique, which results in a very mild de qi sensation. When the needle passes through the skin it is common for patients to no have any awareness of the needling, some may experience a slight pricking, if there is any sharpness patients are strongly encouraged to advise Dr Dan so she can adjust the technique for improved comfort.

Upon removal of needles it is very rare to see bleeding as the needles are not administered to puncture veins or arteries.

Do I need to disrobe clothing?

Patient comfort during treatment is a priority at Zenkai. Needling is conducted on targeted areas of the body, so if disrobing is required it is often concentrated. If more extensive disrobing is required it will be done with minimal exposure and coverings applied to ensure privacy and warmth. At any point, advise Dr Dan if the level of comfort is not satisfactory.

What do I bring?

The Zenkai experience is enhanced if the patient is in comfortable clothing, as loose clothing assists in the treatments being delivered more effectively.
Attend with any Western Medical finding and medications that are not already attached to the pre-assessment questionnaire.
For fertility journey’s attend with a diary of recent menstrual cycles.

What do I need to do before my 1st consultation?

The preparation required prior to initial consultation is submission of the completed pre-assessment form at least 24 hours prior to treatment. The new patient questionnaire provides background information, which ensures the consult can be an active treatment session as opposed to a briefing.

How do I pay, do you accept private health insurance? What are your fees?

Initial consultation $200 – 60 minute consultations and pre-assessment
Standard consultation $ 115 – 60 minute consultation / split rooms
All appointments after 5pm will attract a $5 A/H service fee
Other fees:
Emergency pain relief acupuncture only $140
Breech presentation / induction $140
Skype/phone consultations: fees $2-3 per min depending on what is required.
Patient order form is where patients can organize herbs to be courier directly to their door within 24hr anywhere in AUS/NZ. We offer International delivery – a quote will be sent.

Payment is required on the day of consultation by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

HICAPS is available for on the day claims – the value of which depends on individuals level of cover. For insurance funds that don’t participate in HICAPS a receipt will be provided to place the claim directly with the insurer. Refund estimations are not possible and will depend on each individual’s type and level of cover. We encourage contact with health insurer to determine refund amounts.

Do you have to go somewhere else to get my herbs/supplements?

Prescribed herbs / supplements are all stocked in house. Only practitioner products are available which are of the highest quality, therapeutic strength and and have research based clinical effectiveness.

What are your opening hours, location?

Clinic hours (by appointment only) are Monday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm,    Tuesday 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm, Wednesday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm,                Thursday 2.00 pm – 8.00 pm
Other hours can be made by arrangement.

Our address is 48 Strathclyde Crescent, Woodend VICTORIA 3442, look out for the yellow letterbox.
We are located in the beautiful village of Woodend. Tranquil countryside views from one of the architecturally designed Japanese indoor courtyards are the ultimate environment to begin your natural healing therapy.

Do you have parking?

Adequate private parking is available for patients of Zenkai. Car parking are located at the end of the winding driveway, and provides convenient access to Zenkai entrance.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

Zenkai is an appointment only practice, appointment confirmation request is issued 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment.

We understand that circumstances can be beyond control in some situations, however, Dr Dan has a waiting list of patients eager for consultations. Last minute cancellations have a negative knock on effect, resulting in loss of income and a missed opportunity for a patient awaiting appointment availability. As such Zenkai enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy, where appointments cancelled, missed or changes within the 24 hours in the lead up to a scheduled appointment will incur a cancellation penalty fee of $50.

Zenkai, will make an allowance for special circumstances these include going into labour or a cancellation of embryo transfer.

How soon can I get an appointment? Is there a waiting list?

As a boutique solo practitioner practice we have an ongoing waiting list of approximately 2 weeks.
After hours appointments are available, we are experiencing high demand for after hours appointments. The waiting list can incur an extended waiting period.

For very specific schedule requirements we recommend that you keep your appointment booked well ahead to ensure the most convenient time is always achievable.

What is your success rate?

We get results. Success rate is in direct proportion to commitment.

This question is particularly relevant in the context of patients attending Zenkai for fertility treatment. Dr Dan commits to achieving results, delivering support, advice, encouragement and guidance along the wellness journey. However if the patient does not embrace the same level of commitment results can be impacted.
Dr Dan places a focus from early on, around connection and empowering the patient through knowledge, resonating with the treatment is important and should be addressed if barriers are building.
A willingness to believe, seek and be comfortable, along with proactive actions to implement prescribed lifestyle changes, plays a significant part in the success of treatment.
Dr Dan has had the great the fortune of attracting patients who resonate with Zenkai treatments, resulting in over 450 births to date.

We are trying to conceive?

Conception and health are intricately intertwined. Undertaking lifestyle changes with a long term health plan will add to facilitating conception.

I am pregnant should I continue treatment?

Early pregnancy is a highly critical time in the formation and development of new life. We recommend pregnancy treatment particularly for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
During which treatment is focused around strategies to reduce the chance of miscarriage, therapies to help alleviate of pregnancy symptoms and recommendations for herbs and nutrients that are highly beneficial during pregnancy.

Acupuncture & IVF

Research has shown Acupuncture to assist in the live birth rate of babies, particularly in women undergoing IVF. The effect of acupuncture at the time of embryo transfer is well documented, however evidence regarding the impact of acupuncture across the full scope of IVF is yet to be comprehensively investigated.

At Zenkai we focus on fostering long term wellness and as such encourage patients to receive the best possible outcome though ongoing treatment during and after pregnancy.

Acupuncture for inductions?

In the precious weeks leading up to the due date, it is beneficial to visit Zenkai, we encourage preparation up to 4 weeks before to ensure preparation of the physiological environment is at it optimum once natural labour commences.

Birth can be induced though acupuncture, we understand that preparatory consultations are not always accessible, and we often receive consultation requests for patients who are at or over their delivery date, acupuncture is very effective on such circumstances.

I feel blah! Can you help me?

Yes please contact the clinic and request access to the Health Assessment Questionnaire. We will assess you, and provide your treatment plan to improve your personal experience of wellbeing

What detox programs do you offer?

We offer five detoxification programs. These consists of an express detox program, the integrated detox and three specialised variations of it. DrDan will recommend the program that is most suited to your health needs, we then tailor the detoxification so that you can achieve the best possible results.

Im feeling stressed, can you help?

With the support of Dr Dan, strategies will be developed to to help you manage calmness, positivity and increase feelings of control and ownership over life. Stress effects people differently. Dr Dan, understands these differences and can identify and provide treatments for your specific needs, will help you manage your stress better and reduce the impact of stress in your life. Dr Dan will address your symptoms, provide you with key nutrients required and develop stress management techniques.

Do you treat males, children?

As a family focused practice we not only treat women. In the case of fertility issues, men make a significant contribution to creating a family also. The male or female, or even both may contribute to fertility circumstances, at Zenkai, treatment is focused on addressing the holistic issue, a journey to wellness is even more precious when shared together as a united front. Regardless of whose fertility issue it is, improving wellness is our passion.

We are a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, which has a focus not only on women’s health and fertility, but general health and wellbeing. We have an emphasis on treating the whole person and use a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, western supplements, cupping and Kinesiology.

For men, women and children, who personally feel or are displaying an innate sense of wellness imbalance, Zenkai seek to investigate and diagnose the heart of the problem, by not merely treating the symptoms but addressing the core drivers.

Can I bring my children in to my treatment? OHS and children

Unfortunately we do not offer child minding facilities or a children’s play area. In the interest of your children, please ensure you supervise them at all times.