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The journey to wellness


Are you seeing your child struggle?
Looking to increase your child’s health?
Have questions about child health?


Experiencing ongoing health obstacles?
Seeking alternative solutions to manage chronic illness?
Looking for relief from symptoms?


Seeking to slow the aging process?
Looking for non invasive approach to beauty?
Have questions about the health of your skin?

A visit to Zenkai is a sensory journey.

Every sense is involved on the journey towards wellness recovery.

Your journey towards wellness
is our passion.

Supported by our comprehensive Review > Plan > Monitor treatment and support approach.

A journey of exceptional quality.

Continuous professional development, premium quality equipment, clinically effective product.

A shared healing journey.

The Zenkai patient connection is nurtured and nourished.

Dr Danielle Slade (registered Acupuncturist)

A self professed wellness devotee. Dr Dan (as she’s fondly known by those around her) lives and breathes the pursuit of holistic wellness for herself, her family, her valued patients and the wider community.

Holistic therapy with Dr Dan is a journey to wellness recovery that is so comprehensive it starts before the patient sets foot inside the practice and is supported throughout the journey both in and outside of consultative sessions.

Practicing for over 16 years, wellness recovery is Dr Dan’s passion.

Our Zenkai community


Holistic wellness therapies include: Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, cupping, herbal preparations, massage therapy, kinesiology and naturopathy.


Qi Beauty, our signature beauty treatment, harnesses the power of Qi to achieve cosmetic enhancement. Cosmetic therapies include acupuncture and herbs dispensary.


Not sure if Zenkai can help? Have questions only a therapist can answer? Or looking to informally explore the connection? Dr Dan is happy to take micro session phone consultations.