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The path to pregnancy can be daunting and uncertain, but there are many options available to you.
Zenkai can help support both women and men at any stage in their journey to become parents. Whether you are just thinking about becoming pregnant, or have been trying for some time, we can help to demystify the process and make your journey as smooth as possible.
For over 25 years, Zenkai has helped hundreds of people dreaming of welcoming a child into the world. In that time, we have learned that every path to conception is unique. We take the time to understand your individual circumstances and draw upon a range of therapies that may help remove any barriers to conception. 

We derive a diagnosis from the wisdom of Chinese medicine, however, over many years of treating patients, have incorporated functional and integrative methods to achieve the best outcome. BBT charting for fertility and interpretative blood tests have become essential tools in diagnosis and treatment. Dr Dan loves to educate each patient to give them all the knowledge they need and goes to great lengths to explain and help you understand your diagnosis and treatment.


Many factors can impact your ability to conceive and maintain a healthy, viable pregnancy. Often, it’s about looking at the bigger picture of you and your partners’ health and finding that missing piece of the puzzle.
That’s why the first step to working with us on your pregnancy journey is to complete our “Health Assessment Questionnaire” to review all drivers and underlying issues. An additional form called “Fertility Intake Comprehensive" is then reviewed to assist Dr Dan in her detective work to determine potential fertility issues.

A report of findings document is produced, which helps identify the areas we need to focus on in your individual treatment plan.

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To make sure we have the full picture, we may request various tests be undertaken. This can include blood tests, genetic testing (including MTHFR), a semen analysis, and an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) or egg timer test (to measure ovarian reserves).
We will also ask you to start daily Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting. BBT charting is used to assess the correct timing and assist Dr Dan to apply correct acupuncture points according to the shift of Yin to Yang or Follicular to Luteal Phase.
When it comes to fertility – and all aspects of your health, for that matter – knowledge is power!


Depending on the potential barriers we have identified, you will receive a range of tailored treatments. For example, we may identify factors such as stress, gut health, nutritional deficiencies, hormones or thyroid issues that could impede your ability to fall pregnant.
Most of our fertility treatment plans include a combination of kinesiology, acupuncture and herbal supplements. We review this periodically to ensure we cover all bases throughout your journey to conception.
We will also advocate for you if we believe you need additional fertility support. This includes linking you into other medical services and ensuring your individual needs are being addressed.

Zenkai Macedon Ranges, Fertility Support, Award Winning Natural Therapy Clinic, Woodend
Zenkai Macedon Ranges, Fertility Support, Award Winning Natural Therapy Clinic, Woodend


With 753 babies born to date, we see ourselves as an integral part of our patients' success in becoming parents.
While there can be no guarantees, we firmly believe that our therapeutic role helps to eliminate potential barriers along the path to conception.
We are a powerful, alternative source of medical knowledge, not to mention a strong voice and advocate in your journey to parenthood.


It takes two to make a baby. 
A point that is often missed with current Western Medicine treatments. At Zenkai, we ask that all couples trying to conceive have the male partner undergo a Semen Analysis and some blood work.

There are many potential causes of male infertility, and we investigate all these causes.  If your semen analysis parameters are low, we may prescribe supplements and ask you to have acupuncture.

Acupuncture points for improving sperm quality are not located in the genitals! Rather the lower back, abdomen, or feet are used.
Zenkai Macedon Ranges, Fertility Support, Award Winning Natural Therapy Clinic, Woodend


For some couples getting pregnant is simply not as easy as it is for others.
For many, there are no medical reasons why they should not conceive naturally but it still feels as though something is in the way.  

Kinesiology is a holistic health discipline that melds Western techniques and Eastern traditions by using muscle monitoring (bio-feedback) to identify and remove imbalances/blocks.
The mind has a powerful influence over the body.  As a consequence, blocks within the mind can cause blocks within our bodies... these very blocks may upset the balance required for conception. 

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a while and have been told by medical professionals that there is no physical reason why you should not conceive naturally, then Kinesiology may assist.


With over 25 years of experience in Women's Health and fertility, Zenkai has a range of treatments and programs available to assist you before, during and after pregnancy.

We can help support a healthy pregnancy and manage a range of pregnancy-related issues and discomforts.

Do you want to:

  • Understand your body better

  • Get your hormones into balance

  • Ovulate regularly

  • Enhance egg production

  • Improve quality of cervical mucus 

  • Improve sex drive

  • Improve sperm motility, morphology, and concentration

  • Manage gynecological issues

  • Prepare and support natural or IVF treatment

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